Sharrows are paint markings on street pavement that are intended to improve the safety of bicyclists. They let drivers of motor vehicles know that they’re on preferred bicycle routes with narrow streets where motor vehicles and bicycles are unable to ride side-by-side.

When drivers see sharrows, they must be ready to share the road with bicyclists. That’s because sharrows help protect bicyclists from the doors of parked cars. We all know what can happen when a person opens a car door immediately in front of a bicyclist. We might also see sharrows on roads with multiple traffic lanes going in the same direction. Sharrows will indicate where bicyclists are supposed to ride.

How are Sharrows Marked in Los Angeles?

Bicyclists can identify sharrows when they see two chevrons or arrows painted on a road above a bicycle. Sharrows don’t indicate exclusive bike lanes though. Sharrow areas are intended to be shared with motor vehicles. In a perfect world, when in a sharrow area, drivers should wait until a road widens before passing a bicyclist.

With the increasing popularity of bicycling in and around Los Angeles, you’ll start noticing more and more sharrows. If you were injured in an accident in a sharrow area, contact us for a free consultation. You can tell us what happened, how it happened and how you’ve been affected. We promise to listen to you carefully, and your questions will be answered truthfully. Then, we can tell you about how we think we might be able to help you.