Yes, in Los Angeles and everywhere in California, bicyclists must stop when a school bus is on a two-lane road with its red lights flashing. The purpose of this law is to let children board and exit school buses safely. Technically, even a bicyclist who is approaching that school bus from the opposite direction must stop too.

For purposes of the rules of the road, CVC 21200 makes bicycles vehicles too. On that basis, the general rule pursuant to CVC 22454 is that bicyclists must stop.

School Buses on a Four-Lane Road

If it’s a four-lane road that you’re on, and the school bus is stopped with the red lights flashing, CVC 22454 allows motorists in the opposing direction of traffic to proceed.  That’s because no school district is going to require students to cross four lanes of traffic. Just because you’re not required to stop, you should proceed with a higher than ordinary degree of care and caution. Kids are unpredictable, especially when they’re on their way home from school.

Getting caught passing a school bus under the wrong circumstances can be an expensive lesson. Points can accrue against your license too.  Los Angeles Bicycle Law’s practice is specifically limited to the representation of bicyclists who have been injured as the result of the negligence of somebody else. We work with clients throughout Los Angeles and Southern California, and we represent them with the highest level of professional competency. If you or your child were injured in any type of a bicycle accident, contact us right away, and we’ll arrange for a free consultation and case evaluation. Our objective is to work in your best interests and obtain the maximum settlement or award that you might be entitled to.