A daytime bike ride through a busy city like Los Angeles can sometimes be less than relaxing. The stress of navigating the constant flow of vehicle traffic and pedestrian crossings can be challenging.

A nighttime ride along well-lit streets, with somewhat less traffic, might seem like a less risky proposition, but statistics don’t support that notion.  Bicycle Collision numbers show that 6 pm to 9 pm is the most dangerous time to be out on a bike. In fact, in any given year around half of all bicycle accidents happen at night.

Visibility obviously plays a big factor.  If a careless driver can miss you in the full light of day, how many more will fail to spot you after sundown?

Riverside Fatal Bicycle Collision

Riverside, California Police responded to Magnolia Street where a bicyclist was killed when he attempted to cross the street on Monday night July 6, 2020.  MyNewsLA reported the accident occurred around 10:30 pm.  Investigators say the victim was trying to cross the four-lane corridor and pulled directly out in front of a man riding a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle. The collision instantly killed the bicycle rider.  The motorcyclist and his passenger were taken to the hospital with injuries.

It’s a tragedy for all involved and a reminder of the unique dangers any rider on two wheels faces in the city, day or night.

Comparative Negligence in California

A bicyclist may have made a decision that led to an accident, but that doesn’t mean the victim on the bicycle or their family members can’t collect fair damages in a collision.  California is a pure comparative negligence state.  That means that both parties can share the fault in an accident.

For example, a judge may rule that a bicyclist was 25% at fault in an accident.  Still, the driver of the vehicle could have been distracted or speeding and be ordered to share 75% of the blame. There could be many other factors that would affect the amount of responsibility each person involved in the collision would have to accept. Talk to an experienced bicycle accident attorney who knows the law and knows how to get you compensation even if you or a family member were partially at fault.

Seeking Wrongful Death Actions for a Bicycle Accident

When a bicyclist’s life is taken in a tragic accident, a grieving family is left behind to try and resume their lives.  The family may also soon be facing a loss of income the deceased victim would have earned from their job, funeral costs, and the common psychological pain in the wake of a fatal accident.

It will be up to those left behind to hold an at-fault driver responsible for his or her actions. Family members of the victim can file a wrongful death case against the driver. To recover damages, the family member’s case must show that the driver was negligent in his or her conduct, causing the death of the cyclist.

Once the claims are proven, the court will award certain damages to the family members.

Contact a Los Angeles Bicycle Law Attorney

If you’ve lost a family member in a deadly bicycle collision, you must act to hold the responsible driver accountable for the expenses caused by the accident.  Even if the accident might have been partially the bicyclist’s fault, a claim may still be possible.

At Los Angeles Bicycle Law, we concentrate our practice solely on bicyclists who have been injured or killed as a result of the carelessness and negligence of others. We’re dedicated and effective Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyers. If you were injured in a bicycle accident or lost a family member in an accident around Los Angeles or anywhere else in Southern California, contact us right away for a confidential free consultation and case review.