A new pedal-powered option will soon be popping up on Santa Barbara streets.

The Santa Barbara City Council voted to approve BCycle’s electric bike-share program for use downtown and on the waterfront. Edhat reported on the vote that took place on October 20, 2020.

BCycle, a Wisconsin based company, plans to use their approval to offer 75 e-bikes along State Street and another 50 bikes on the waterfront. They hope to get permission to branch out on Mesa, San Andres Street, Milpas, and Coast Village Road.

KEYT-TV detailed a restriction already in place for cyclists, riders have to walk their wheels along the 500 block of State Street (between Haley Street and Cota Street), one of the busiest sections of downtown.

Unlocking a BCycle Ride in Santa Barbara

To ride you’ll either need to download the app to pay as you go or get a membership card at a BCycle kiosk that unlocks bikes and grants special privileges.

A membership card means you’re a pass holder and allows you to unlock bikes quicker and ride for up to an hour and then check a bike out again as often as you like. Non-Pass holders will be allowed 30-minute rides. Riders will return their bikes to ride stations around Santa Barbara.

Santa BCycle Bike Features

The bikes have handy baskets in the front for your backpack or shopping bags. The bikes also have a slot in the handlebars to store your phone while still keeping the screen visible. Cords to secure the phone come built-in.

Remember, the bikes are electric boosted but you’ll still need to pedal. But relax, it will still be a much easier ride than a traditional “sweat & gears” bicycle.

You can find out more information and monitor when this new e-bike program is launching on the BCycle website.

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