There are few win-win scenarios in this day and age but one recipe for joy on all sides is the act of a bicycle donation. You clear up room in your garage (maybe for another bike) and someone in need gets your bicycle or the parts to repair their own rides.

There are several options in and around Los Angeles to get rid of your unused gears, tires, and frames. You just have to find the most convenient option that meets your needs.

Los Angeles Bicycle Kitchen Donations

One terrific option takes broken bikes and makes them whole again. You can bring your bike donation to the Bicycle Kitchen in L.A. and they will make sure the bike or the parts find a good home.

The Bicycle Kitchen will take any bike, but they are always in need of road bikes with steel frames and wheels in good shape. They are a charitable organization and can offer receipts so you can get a tax credit for your donation.

Just drop off your donation any time during business hours, but beware, if you see the operation you may want to stay awhile. Bicycle Kitchen has a lab where people of all ages can come in and work on their bikes. What’s even cooler, you can rummage through all the parts that have been donated and build your own bike from scratch. They have “cooks” who are experts at bike repair and can help you with any project.

The Kitchen is in Los Angeles at 4429 Fountain Avenue.

Burbank Bike Angels Donations

There’s nothing like a child’s smile when they find a bike by the Christmas Tree. The Burbank Bike Angels have been providing these moments for families for over a decade now. They accept donations of adult and children’s bikes all year long, but their big push comes at Christmas when they give away dozens of bikes to good boys and girls.

Over the years, these elves have repaired over 2,000 bikes but in 2020 Santa’s workshop has been slowed by the pandemic. Burbank Bike Angels hope to resume their incredible work soon though.

Email them for more details on how to donate.

Orange County The Bicycle Tree Donations

Another option in Orange County takes your bike donation and transforms it into a force for change in low-income communities. Some of the bikes are repaired and checked for safety and then through partnerships with local shelters given to people in financial need. Helmets are included.

The Bicycle Tree also teaches bike repair and safety to at-risk youth. Participants repair a bike, top to bottom, and then get to keep the bicycle.

You can donate bikes and parts during business hours or by appointment. Donations are tax-deductible.

Their shop is located in Santa Ana on 702 W. 17th St. Unit C.  You can even repair your bike at this location. They will put a wrench in your hand and show you how.

California Bike Match

Many of us bike for exercise and to relieve stress, but for some, a bicycle can offer a path to a better life. Reliable transportation to school or work can change the outlook for someone in need. That’s why bike enthusiasts have set up #bikematch to seek out people with an extra bike and connect them with people who need bikes.

CALBIKE has posted a list of the regions and shops across California utilizing this helpful service. Los Angeles County cyclists even have their own site for bike-sharing. #LACountyBikeMatch

These sites will tell you how to find a person in need. Once you connect with someone who needs a bike you’ll meet them in a public place, like a park, for the bike transfer. There are other guidelines on these websites to make sure your delivery is clean and sanitary for everyone involved.

Keep the Wheels Spinning with Bike Donation and Recycling

There are other donation options around Los Angeles and many of them go into overdrive as Christmas approaches.

If you don’t find a local option, there are national companies that accept donations through the mail. They will accept bikes and parts. Many bike shops also accept old tire tubes and chains for recycling.

There’s even a company that takes bicycle donations and crafts very creative furniture out of frames and wheels. What’s more, they offer a furniture discount to anyone who donates.

A bike gives you so much joy over its life and there’s no reason it can’t offer rides to someone else when you move on to a new bike. The new bike owner will benefit and the entire planet will be better off without another bike dumped in a landfill.

Los Angeles Bicycle Law

Los Angeles Bicycle Law has spent years advocating for the bicycle community across California.  We want safer rides for every cyclist.  In the event of an accident anywhere in the area, we also want to help protect the victim.

We concentrate our practice on cyclists who have been injured as a result of the carelessness and negligence of others. If you were injured in an accident anywhere in Southern California contact us right away for a confidential free consultation and case review.