How a Los Angeles Bicycle Attorney Can Help

bicycle accident claim in Los AngelesYou might assume you don’t need a bicycle attorney to represent you in your bicycle accident claim. Likely, will be more concerned with your injuries and trying to recover from them. You might have the confidence to think you can handle negotiating with the insurance company without the assistance of an attorney. After all, you are smart and capable of asserting what you want to recover. While representing yourself may seem like an easier route, there are numerous benefits to hiring legal representation.

Bicycle accidents can result in very serious injuries. They may include the following:

  • fractures,
  • broken bones,
  • traumatic brain injuries,
  • spinal cord injuries, and
  • soft tissue injuries.

A Los Angeles bike attorney may be able to assist you with your case. If you have sustained serious injuries in a Los Angeles bicycle accident, attorney Michael Stephenson of Los Angeles Bicycle Law can evaluate your case and may be able to pursue monetary recovery on your behalf.

Some of the benefits of hiring Los Angeles Bicycle Law include:

Experience in Dealing With Insurance Companies

The lawyers at Los Angeles Bicycle Law have vast experience in bicycle accident law and handle these cases on a daily basis. We are extremely knowledgeable of the laws related to bicycle accidents. Moreover, we are always researching for any updates to the law. Due to our daily interaction with insurance companies, we have developed and proven methods on how to negotiate with them on your behalf. We are also aware of what insurance companies generally look for when attempting to settle a bicycle accident claim. We can therefore estimate with reasonable accuracy how much your case is worth.

Don’t Allow Insurance Companies to Underestimate Your Claim

Insurance companies are not your friend. They run a for profit company and make their money by settling your accident claims for the lowest amount they possibly can. This makes the relationship between the insurance company and the injured party a combative one. Insurance adjusters often approach every claim as if you are lying about how you were injured.

Due to how often insurance companies are involved in these claims, they are more experienced in these situations and have the advantage over you from the start. They take hard lines in their negotiating and often steamroll parties who represent themselves and have never experienced a situation like this. Hiring Los Angeles Bicycle Law for legal representation ensures you have someone who knows how to interact and spar with the insurance company.

Convenient and Time-Saving

If you don’t hire a bicycle attorney immediately, it will take longer for you to get your settlement. Your attorney will immediately start gathering information. This process takes time as the attorney is waiting on numerous parties for necessary information, such as medical records and accident reports.

It is very time consuming and costly to represent yourself in a lawsuit. If you do not have experience in these situations, it will take its toll on you. Hiring legal representation will be much easier on you and your case will be handled in a more efficient manner than if you represent yourself.

We understand what types of evidence the insurance companies require in order to get the settlement you seek. You should be focused on recovery as opposed to having to locate every piece of information requested by the insurance company. Failure to file your claim in a timely manner will result in it being barred altogether by the Statute of Limitations. You will not be able to collect on your claim if it is barred by the Statute of Limitations.

The longer you take to follow up on your claim, the less your settlement will be worth. As soon as you hire an attorney, you increase the chances of a favorable settlement. The bicycle attorney will analyze the facts of your case, collect evidence, speak to witnesses and medical experts and value your case. Ultimately, hiring an attorney will increase the amount of money you will receive in your settlement.

Hiring Los Angeles Bicycle Law for legal representation will allow you to focus on getting better, while we focus on getting you the recovery you deserve.

We Know How to Value Your Case

Experienced attorneys understand how to value your case for economic and non-economic damages (such as pain and suffering). They also know how much of that money will go to you. Due to your accident, you might owe money for your medical bills or to your insurance company for right of reimbursement. The Los Angeles Bicycle Law attorneys will explain that process to you. We will also make sure your settlement accounts for it.

Representing Yourself Can Hurt Your Case

It is common for people to try and represent themselves in bicycle accident cases. People soon realize the time-consuming nature of the process and want an attorney to step in. Unfortunately, in some situations, the delay in hiring an attorney might have killed their case. Prior to hiring an attorney, they might have given statements admitting fault or attempted settlement at a value less than their case was worth. As a result, we always recommend hiring an experienced bicycle attorney in these situations.

What If I Still Decide to Represent Myself?

If you haven’t decided whether to hire an attorney, please ensure you do the following to protect your claim:

  1. Do not communicate with the insurance company. Soon after the accident, the insurance company or someone representing the other driver will contact you. Do not talk to them! Many people in this situation give statements that can be interpreted to admit fault. Or they may be misconstrued as an offer to settle.
  2. Don’t sign anything. Do not sign any documents presented to you by the insurance company. While some of the documents put in front of you may seem harmless, they could contain something in small print that might waive any claims in the future for injuries stemming from the accident. You might also possibly sign something that allows them to see your complete medical history.
  3. Don’t fix any damaged property or destroy any evidence of the accident. If your bike was damaged in the accident, you must ensure it is properly valued and documented prior to repairing it. Claims related to property damage can disappear without a proper valuation of the damaged property. Make sure to save anything related to the accident as it can all potentially be evidence.

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