Los Angeles residents know that there’s no one way to get around the city. There are probably dozens of options, some are creative and cutting edge and some are time tested with a high fun factor. Rollerblades fall into the fun category.

Skaters and rollerbladers try to avoid taking a fall on the sidewalk and winding up with skinned knees and elbows, but the bigger dangers will always be when they must venture out in traffic.

Rollerblade Accident Dangers Around Los Angeles

It’s the curse of any type of alternate transportation, the smaller you get the less likely careless drivers will spot you. On rollerblades and other inline skates, the riders stand slightly taller, but otherwise, they can have a profile much like any other pedestrian.

The difference is the speed at which the skater can move.  It’s something else distracted drivers may not notice. They may only take a split second glance to see if there’s another car beside them before they make a turn or lane change. In that time a skater can be beside them and suddenly placed in a dangerous spot between an approaching car and a curb or parked cars. The lack of attention by a driver can leave someone on rollerblades to absorb a scary impact.

The victim will be left to wonder who will be held accountable for the expensive hospital trip and recovery to come. The lawyers with Los Angeles Bicycle Law support cyclists and skaters who have been injured in an accident caused by a negligent driver. We don’t want victims to feel alone as they heal and work towards getting back on their rollerblades again. Insurance companies sometimes think skaters are easy targets for blame after an accident. Our attorneys want to make sure the driver and his or her insurance company take your injuries seriously and make them pay full compensation for your recovery.

Rollerblade Laws In California

Rollerblade laws vary across Los Angeles and each neighborhood can have its own rules. The California Highway Patrol treats rollerblades, and non-motorized skateboards, and scooters the same way.

First, skaters have the same rights as pedestrians and must follow many of the same laws as they move about the city.  If there is no sidewalk on a normal street, rollerbladers must use the extreme left-hand edge of the road, facing oncoming traffic.

When rollerbladers come to bridges and highway over-crossings they must stop. They may not cross unless there are a sidewalk and a sign giving permission.

Remember, if you’re under 18-years-old you must wear a helmet.

Rollerblading Accidents Common Injuries in Los Angeles

Emergency room doctors, unfortunately, know the common rollerblading wounds all too well. Brainline found that over 100,000 inline skaters visit the hospital each year.

The most common injuries were compiled by the Inline Skating Resource Center (ISRC):

  • Wrist Injuries – In a single year, wrist injuries were the most common injury seen by victims making up 24% of patients.
  • Lower Arm Injuries – Second on the list with 13% of reported cases.
  • Elbow Injuries – third on the list making up 7.6% of injuries.
  • Face (7.1%) & Head (4.1%) Injuries – Head and face injuries total around 11,000 cases a year.
  • Knee Injuries – 6.8% of cases
  • Ankle Injuries – 6.7% of cases

Compensation After A Rollerblading Accident

Rollerblading victims who’ve been hit by a careless driver have two years in which to file a civil lawsuit over injuries. This claim for damages can help recover money for victims so they aren’t hit with expensive medical bills while they try to heal enough to return to work to earn a paycheck.

A lawsuit can be filed even if the victim wasn’t wearing a helmet. Victims may be assigned partial blame for any injuries suffered if they weren’t wearing a helmet, but the at-fault driver would still have to compensate the victim for his or her liability in the accident. If the victim receives a percentage of the blame, that portion would be subtracted from the final award.

If the claim results in a settlement or a favorable verdict, a victim can expect to receive money to pay hospital bills and have any future medical costs covered. The at-fault driver’s insurance can also be made to replace paychecks that were lost when the victim missed time at work. Emotional pain and suffering, the pain of not being able to get out on skates again, can be part of compensation.

Contact a Los Angeles Rollerblading Accident Attorney

If a collision with a careless driver left you with injuries, please allow a local attorney to examine your case. As a victim facing a long recovery, you may be entitled to more than you’d think. At this stage in the healing process, you want to make sure you get compensation to provide everything you’ll need to one day return to normal life and be back on your blades.

At Los Angeles Bicycle Law, we concentrate our practice solely on bicyclists, rollerbladers, and other micromobility riders who have been injured as a result of the carelessness and negligence of others. If you were injured in an accident in Los Angeles or anywhere else in Southern California, contact us right away for a confidential free consultation and case review.