A rear-end bicycle accident is one of the most dangerous crashes that a bicyclist can be involved in. The rider is often catapulted from their seat, over their handlebars and onto hard and unforgiving pavement. He or she might even be thrown into the path of oncoming traffic.

Types of Rear End Bicycle Crashes

The facts surrounding most rear-end bike accidents aren’t unlike those involving cars. The cyclist is stopped in traffic, and another person behind him or her is distracted, driving too fast for traffic conditions, under the influence or otherwise inattentive, and an impact occurs. Sometimes, a rear-end bicycle accident will happen when the cyclist is in motion, most often if he or she preparing to make a left turn. Another rear-end scenario involves a bicyclist who is rear-ended at night, when either stopped or in motion. Nighttime rear-end crashes stress the importance of a quality rear reflector.

Why Rear-End Crashes are Dangerous for Bicyclists

Even at a relatively low speed like 20 mph, a bicyclist can be severely injured or even killed in rear-end crash. Upon impact, the rear wheel of the bike is lifted, and the rider is thrown forward. At a higher speed, the vehicle that hit the bicyclist might even run over the rider. Here are some common rear-end bicycle accident injuries:

  • Traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries.
  • Facial fractures, jaw fractures and dental injuries.
  • Rib fractures.
  • Damage to vital organs.
  • Hand, elbow and shoulder fractures and damage.
  • Wrongful death.

Prejudice Against Bicyclists

Many drivers, their insurance companies and even some police officers don’t believe that bicyclists should be sharing the road with motor vehicles. You’ll want a law firm representing you that knows how to overcome any prejudices that might be shown against you as a bicyclist. Our Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyers have been successfully attacking prejudice against bicyclists for many years now; we give them a level playing field.

Contact a Bicycle Injury Lawyer

Los Angeles Bicycle Law represents bicyclists because we are bicyclists. We know first-hand how rewarding, yet dangerous, cycling can be in the Los Angeles area. Even though the law treats bicyclists with the responsibilities and rights of a motor vehicle, the road itself offers far fewer protections. That is why we actively fight to protect bicyclists in our community. If you have been injured in a bicycle accident in Los Angeles, contact Los Angeles Bicycle Law today.