Types of Bicycle Accidents

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Bicycles are an effective method of transportation. However, because they offer little protection, bicycle accidents can be devastating. Bikers often share the road with drivers of other motor vehicles, causing potentially dangerous situations when they collide. Other than a helmet, bikers do not have protection around them like cars do with steel and airbags. Bicycle accidents can result in serious injuries and life-changing consequences for riders.

What Causes Bicycle Accidents?

Many bicycle accidents, as many as 50 percent, occur when a bicycle rider loses control and hits the pavement. However, approximately 20 percent involve motor vehicles. After evaluating the causes of 3,000 bicycle accidents, the Federal Highway Administration determined that the most common causes include the following:

While Riding Against Traffic

Bicycles are supposed to ride with the flow of traffic. However, around 25 percent of bicycle accidents occur when a bicycle is riding against oncoming traffic. Riding towards oncoming traffic can result in head-on collisions with motor vehicles and severe injuries.

When Exiting a Private Drive

Bicycles are smaller than most motor vehicles, so cars often do not see them. Around 5.1 percent of all crashes involving bicycles occur when a bicycle is exiting a private driveway, alley, small side street, or sidewalk. Bicycle accidents are extremely common in residential areas.

When a Car Stops at a Stop Sign or Traffic Light

Motor vehicles at stop signs or red traffic lights may pull out into the intersection and strike a bicycle. Approximately 9.7 percent of all bicycle accidents occur in intersections under these circumstances.

When a Car Is Overtaking the Bicycle

Approximately 1.3 percent of all bicycle accidents occur when a motor vehicle is passing a bicycle that is legally occupying the roadway. OF those, 54 percent result in serious or fatal injuries.

When the Car Is Turning Right

As many as 4.7 percent of all bicycle accidents occur when a motor vehicle turns right into a bicyclist. Sometimes this occurs as the motor vehicle is overtaking the bicycle, and other times the bicycle is in the car’s blind spot.

When the Car Is Turning Left

Around 1.2 percent of all bicycle accidents occur when a car is turning left, often because the motor vehicle driver failed to notice the bicyclist.

When a Car Door Opens

Often referred to as getting “doored,” when a motor vehicle occupant opens a car door without looking and a bicycle runs into it, serious injuries can occur. Around 25 percent of all bicycle accidents are caused when a bicyclist is doored.

When a Child Bicyclist Is Involved

Child bicycle accidents can result in serious injuries that are often life-threatening. Because they are smaller than adults, children are at particular risk when riding bikes near motor vehicles.

While the Car Driver Is Intoxicated

When a motor vehicle driver operates a vehicle while intoxicated, bicycles are at serious risk. Driving while intoxicated (DWI) can result in liability to bikers who are put in danger.

When Bicycles Are on Sidewalks

In most areas, bicycles should ride in the street; however, that can be impossible in some situations. If a biker is riding on the sidewalk and a motor vehicle driver crosses over the sidewalk while turning, a serious sidewalk accident can occur.

Other Types of Bicycle Accidents

Other types of bicycle accidents include:

Other Types of Micro-vehicle Accidents

Los Angeles Bicycle Law also advocates for the rights of anyone using alternate forms of transportation to navigate city streets.

This includes the latest forms of travel provided by micromobility machines.  Micromobility is defined as small, light-weight machines that travel at slower speeds than cars. They can include normal bikes but often the term is used to refer to electronically boosted devices like electric scooters, e-bikes, and electric skateboards.

These are just some of the types of micromobility accidents we cover:

An Experienced LA Bicycle Lawyer Can Help You With Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents can be devastating. If you or a loved one suffered injury in a bike crash, you should contact an experienced bicycle accident lawyer right away. We will investigate the situation and evaluate your claim. We will compassionately tell your side of the story and use our resources to seek compensation for your losses.