At night, or dusk or dawn, drivers should be paying extra attention and looking out for anyone else on the road. Unfortunately, even when visibility is reduced drivers still allow themselves to be distracted and to take their eyes off the road. That inattention can lead to a dangerous mistake.

The California Highway Patrol finds that cyclists are always at risk in low light conditions. They report that almost 17% of all bicycle accidents in the state happen after the sun does down. Accidents at dusk or dawn accounted for another 4% of accidents. These are significant numbers when you consider how many more cyclists are on the road during the day than at night.

Drivers can glance down at the light of a phone, or drift off, and miss seeing a cyclist right in front of them. They may realize their mistake too late and send an innocent rider to the hospital and even threaten a life.

Bicyclist Struck by Car and Killed in Ventura County

A cyclist is dead after a collision with a car in Piru early Tuesday Morning. The Ventura County Star reported the accident happened along westbound Highway 126 before 5:45 a.m. on October 27, 2020.

The California Highway Patrol says a driver in a white, four-door sedan struck the bicyclist while traveling just east of Main Street. The rider was determined to have suffered fatal injuries when responding units arrived.

The driver of the sedan stayed on the scene to cooperate with the investigators. The driver was not arrested but the investigation is ongoing.

Support for Ventura County Families After Bicycle Accidents

Careless drivers don’t just affect the lives of the bicyclists they hit. They also leave the families of the victims to deal with the emotional pain that follows a tragedy.

Families may have just begun to grieve when the other costs of a fatal bicycle accident start to appear. Ambulance fees, hospital bills, and funeral expenses can all come due at the same time. This happens just as the family is left without the financial support the victim would have provided through his or her employment.

These damages can also include the monetary and emotional support the deceased would have provided the family in the years to come. In these cases, families may have to file a wrongful death lawsuit to get compensation for these hardships. This claim would hold the at-fault driver and his or her insurance company liable for the accident.

Wrongful death claims can be filed by family members up to two years from the date of the loved one’s death. The sooner the process of filing begins the better for the case. The process of gathering evidence, collecting documents, and locating witnesses will be much more difficult as time passes. A wrongful death attorney with experience defending bicycle accident victims and their families can help you build a strong case to make sure your family finds some justice.

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